Sunday, August 22, 2010

FINALLY my first blog from ENGLAND!

Well, it's been a little over 48 hours since I arrived here.  Whenever I'm not feeling disoriented by how new it is, I feel sort of ... the opposite!  I feel like I've been here for a few weeks and that is ONLY due to 2 things, I'm sure: God's grace before as well as during my arrival and how friendly and caring practically everyone has been to me.  I expected that people would politely greet me and warm up over time.  I wasn't prepared for such friendliness and care that caught me off guard by how genuine it was.  I've NEVER experienced anything like it from brand new acquaintances, especially people who are in a position for ME to possibly disappoint.

In the waves where I've felt disoriented, I tried to spend time with God and a calm came back.  However new 99% is, the 1% that's the same is the existence of the haven God's love is.  In the few times I've had private worship since coming here, it seems to swell really big and put what intimidates me into perspective.  God's love has an especially highlighted contrast against my status as a newcomer, and I am taking advantage of how much easier it is to want to spend time with Him to build a stronger reliance.

On Sabbath I was introduced to the congregation and met bunches of new people, today (Sunday - even though I'm typing in the wee hours of Monday morning) my partner Sara (wonderful new friend, btw) and I didn't have anything to do, and she says the same about tomorrow.  Today she showed me around Watford and we walked for a few hours.  Tomorrow I'll probably grocery shop...

I need to go to sleep since I've stayed up too late already, but I wanted to post this and say that in contrast to feeling so nervous that I was nauseated when we drove to the airport, I feel awash with the sense that God is taking care of me, and I praise Him for how well He lovingly provides and reassures.


  1. Yes, yes, yes! Nothing can step in between you and God's love-- it's there all the time, no matter which ocean you just crossed :) I'm glad everyone is greeting you warmly over there. Enjoy your new friendships!