Friday, December 11, 2015

Poem of Psalm 37:1-11

(I wrote this in 2012)

Do not be afraid because of what Satan does
Don't be jealous of the benefits his followers enjoy
For like the grass, they don't last
Like green plants, they fade and die

Trust in the LORD and love one another
Live in the shelter of His love
And enjoy the safety of His embrace
Delight yourself in the LORD
And He will make sure you are given
The desires of your deepest, created heart
And be sure to lead you home

Commit and bind yourself to Jesus
Trust in Him and He will make it happen
No matter what you are up against
No matter what obstacles are not yet removed

God will make His Son's righteousness in your heart shine like the dawn
Your integrity like the noonday sun
Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for Him
Do not give way to fear
Just because evil people are exploring the length of their short leash

Remember your inheritance is eternity
Pull back from anger
Turn away from wrath
When you give in to worry and doubt
It leads only to worse things

One day, evil people who refuse to love and who smear Love's good name
Will be cut off without remedy or reprise
One day, you'll be free of them
Free of the work and words of Satan
But you, beloved of God, you who called Him your only hope
And clung to Him in the worst of times
You will remain.

You will be restored
You will be rewarded
Ravished by love
Able to rest at last

Though you look for the old, you will not find it
For God will have completely done away with it in the end
He will have made all things utterly new

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