Friday, October 2, 2015

Psalm 143 Prayer (Paraphrase based on Hebrew)

Dear God,
You are the Lord of all true spiritual soldiers.  You are the divine Master of all who cling to You fervently amidst the anxieties of the great controversy.  As we believers grow closer to You and are refined and made new, You are the power both behind and in our becoming.  We owe You everything.  I owe You everything I am today.  Yahweh, I pray that You listen to the audible, intervening plea of my heart, as I humbly and desperately seek to intrude upon what has been happening to me by breaking through to Your throne of grace.  I also pray that You comprehend the meaning of my crying appeal for the sacred kindness of Your merciful intrusion into my circumstances and feelings.  Holy Spirit intercede and convey with Your divine groanings; please perfect the prayer of my soul that I am trying to communicate to You.  From the source of Your enduring stability – though I am so predictably unstable – and because of the uncluttered wellspring of Your sparkling merits – for I am nothing without You – answer my heart with some kind of response!
                  O Creative God, I am but a bond-slave of love to You.  All I can do is humbly yet boldly beg that You will not bring to pass the justice that the sum of my life’s choices deserves, because no one who’s ever lived or ever will live can be proven good-hearted in comparison to You, let alone apart from You.  Without You I have no hope of goodness.  Without You I have no purity, no claim on You.  I recognize what I deserve.  I recognize my limits.  I recognize my need for You.  I am nothing without You. 
                  I feel hunted in my soul by messages that are ruthlessly hostile to my relationship with You – by sensations that attack my faith so that I feel trampled and crushed into the ground where there is almost no hope to help me keep functioning.  I feel like my soul is being forced against its will into a union with darkness that would decay and kill my heart as dead as people who have been rotting for centuries.
                  My inner spirit is inhaling more and more feebly, Lord.   My inmost heart feels like a desolate particle of waste because of what I am going through.
                  Despite all of this, I have and will actively bring my mind back to the chronicles of ancient histories and of how You have led me in my own life story; I am choosing to think about the whole symphony of all Your individual works and I am focusing on the good fruit of Your divine authority in contrast to the disheartening rot of evil.   
            I am baring before us both my paltry capacity to control my life and myself when I am separated from You.  I am under no illusions.  O God, my soul’s very life is gasping for You to drench and nourish me like famine-cursed ground aching for water.   
            O Master and Lord of my life please respond to me without any more suspense; it feels like my courage is at an end…!  If you withhold Your presence from me any longer I will dissolve into a state of bondage, yet it is You that I want!   
            I pray that the breaking of this darkness will finally allow me to experientially encounter your love in all its soothing faithfulness, because I have chosen to trust You without caution, without reserve.  I am relying on You and no other.  I also pray that You will cause me to intimately know which course and mission I should set my heart to desire and act upon, because I am bringing my soul to You as an offering, as a sacrifice.  I am investing my identity, purpose and abilities completely in You and no other. 
My life is Yours.
            I pray that You will plunder the strongholds of Satan because he is the nemesis of Your quality of life in me, the enemy of my very soul; plunder the cancerous addictions, degeneration and lies he has grown in me with the ardor of Your love, with the transformation of Your holiness, and with the living blade of Your truth.  Plunder every stronghold of evil in my life and strip their remains from me, for I am burrowing myself into Your righteousness with all my strength and nothing evil can coexist with Your goodness in me – it has to be one or the other, and I choose You, my heavenly Lord and Master.
            God, I ask that You teach me to become an expert at pleasing You, for You are my Ruler and I love being under Your wings.  I ask that Your beautiful Spirit will lead me on Your straight and narrow way, set apart from the rutted misery of the world’s confusion. 
            O God of all healing, for the purpose of increasing Your renown, live in my life and through my life in order to save it and remold it to Your preference.  Lord, I pray that You make an appearance in my affliction out of Your heart that is just and honestly good, in all Your holiness, and carry me away from these anguishing straits of spiritual privation that Satan has deceived me into entering.  
            Because You are a God overflowing with deeds of kindness, beauty, mercy, unwavering love, favor and sheer goodness, I passionately pray that You exterminate the intimidating, unholy, unloving emotions I am experiencing.  Annihilate the perfect entirety of the feelings and tendencies I have that harass my ability to receive Your peace, that attack my trust in You, that pressure me to not surrender to You because You are who I belong to, I am bound to You, I am Yours.

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